How To Sue: Bill Collectors, Telemarketers

Lawsuits are an overwhelming topic for many non legal people. It's a process that can seem too complex to navigate but it doesnt have to be.  Sometimes legal representation is needed but many times you can solve issues with a small claims court lawsuit.

How to Sue - (preparing you small claims case)

  • Telemarketers: (privacy issues)

Yes, you can sue them for breaking the law. Read this page at to learn how he sued and won 3 out of 4 small claims cases against telemarketers. The site has a full explanation on steps taken to sue the telemarketer as well as steps you need to take to ensure you can win your small claims case against them.

  • Bill Collectors (FDCPA issues)

Bill collectors are sued all the time for violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. You can take them to small claims court and collect. The most common types of complaints against collection agencies are harassment. Read our guide to winning in small claims court against collection agencies to learn more about having a good case against the bill collectors.

There are limits on small claims cases as well, so the need for an attorney can be justified for big issues. You can go pro-se (represent yourself) if you are up to it for an issue outside of a small claims court.

Small claims court is really just a matter of document filing and having a good case. Be organized when you have your case heard because the courts hate a slow unprepared mess that takes up too much time. Having your documentation all ready to go is the best tip we could give you. Believe it or not a lot of people show up to court with absolutely no proof and expect to win. It wastes everyone's time.

Once you present your case, and if you win - either by default or facts, you'll be awarded a judgment. The judgment doesnt collect the money for you, its just an avenue to get the money. You still have to find the money -whether thats from a bank account levy or wage garnishment.

The courts are pretty helpful with guiding you through the process. Depending on your state, you can usually find a great small claims court help section of the courts websites where you can get specific instructions on steps to take on how to sue.

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