DIY Credit Repair

We provide heavily researched DIY credit repair tools to help you improve your credit legally. If paying for a credit correction service isn't in your budget then our Do it Yourself Credit Repair kit may be just what you were looking for.

Not all credit repair is created equal

Most of what you'll find on the web is flimsy at best. Our credit correction kit is developed from years of research by credit experts who truly understand how credit bureaus and collection agencies operate; and how you have to REACT to them for results.

Resources covering all of your credit problems including;

  • Dealing with bill collectors the right way to correct your credit

  • Expired debts and correcting nasty credit report dings

  • Properly negotiating a debt to improve your credit & save money

  • Credit repair letters pre-written for maximum success

  • Judgments, charge offs, inaccurate tradelines? Use the articles to guide your efforts

  • Repos, restrictive endorsements? We cover it

  • Step by step how to sue a collection agency

  • Six steps to better credit

  • Your right to validation of debt

  • Dealing with credit bureau stalls

  • Time barred debts

  • Rapid rescoring your credit

  • Using the FDCPA to fight bill collectors legally

Get Started To Better Credit Today

When you're ready to repair your credit you want help now, not later. Our DIY credit repair kit offers instant access to the tools you need and want to correct your credit legally.

No shipping, no mail delays and completely affordable. Simple!

If you've battled nasty issues on your credit reports with little success it may be time to understand the process --- the right way, to get results.

Our credit repair education is formulated to help you solve tough credit problems in a straightforward manner providing the best results without jumping through hoops month after month. Your password will be emailed to you either immediately after your order or within a few hours if it is after business hours.

Buy Only What You Need - No Mazes, No Up Selling

DIY Credit Repair Kit: Over 40 sample dispute letters, multiple credit repair & debt ebooks, articles and Ask the Expert all for a one time fee only $17.95.

All books and sample letters are provided in Adobe PDF. You'll need version 7 or higher to open these documents.

Start the road to recovery today! 

Get Online access to our credit repair kit and sample dispute letters.

  • You'll receive activation via email so you can login and start educating yourself and making progress towards rebuilding your credit.

  • Over 24 years in the credit education field with a speciality in collection accounts.

  • A straightforward credit correction kit to help you maximize results while you spend less.

  • Simple yet effective legal strategies to clean up your credit reports without having to pay out hundreds of dollars to a credit repair company.

Real tips for real problems, not hype.

FAQ About Credit Repair

How much does it cost to repair your credit?

Ongoing credit repair can be costly. Most credit repair law firms charge around $50.00 per month and the service can continue for upwards of a year. The only thing they are doing that you are not is included in our kit.

Can you really raise your credit score?

Yes, absolutely. Even removing one or two negative items can have a big impact on your credit scores. The more you work on your credit, the better the scores become over time.

Is credit repair a scam?

No. Unfortunately there are shady characters in the credit repair industry, but the term itself is very real. People fix their credit everyday using legal methods. You'd be surprised how many people think it's impossible to fix their credit.