Fixing your credit starts with an understanding of what issues need attention. A variety of problems need specific action based on the tradeline. Problems coming from the credit bureau directly, issues with a collection agency, or an original creditor will all take special handling.  

Credit repair letters that are written with experience of these issues may be be hard to find online unless you purchase them one at a time or find a credit repair attorney to do the work for you. 

We've created a set of sample credit repair letters that cover collection agency, credit bureau and original creditor issues. These credit repair letters are included in one download and there are over 40 letters to tackle specific issues. 

The sample credit repair letters have been pre-written and come with directions on how and when to use each letter for a variety of problems. Once you download the set, you can use them again and again as issues arrive or as you work over time to repair your credit reports. 

Some typical issues you'd want to address would be medical collections, hard inquiries, restrictive endorsement to settle old negative debt and improving a judgment using methods to dismiss or vacate.

If you have recently discovered that your credit is less than impressive it may be time to take steps to improve it and get back on track. Since most debta have a fairly long statute of limitation, you may be limited to rent a place to live or buy a car with bad credit.





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