offers affordable tools to help you fix your credit for less. By using our education and resources you can work to improve your credit for less. We all know how expensive credit repair companies can be and our goal is simple; provide you inexpensive resources to improve and rebuild your credit.

Our Story

It started in 1994 when we were a financial broker securing business and personal loans for our customers. Often we found ourselves trying to find information on the Internet to help our clients dispute issues in their credit reports so that they could qualify for a loan. Time and time again the information we found fell short. 

Most of the time we only uncovered resources that lead to a ploy to buy a credit report, open a credit card or apply for an expensive payday loan. The information needed to truly help someone fix their credit just wasn't available. We decided to create it and we've been helping thousands of people ever since.

Our service is offered online. There are no ploys to buy more or lead you into a service you don't need. We don't repair your credit for you and you have total control of your privacy.

When you purchase our DIY credit repair kit, you get exactly what we promise. Education, ebooks, Ask the Expert and credit repair letters to help you do the work yourself. You could literally save thousands in interest and credit repair attorney fees. We don't think you'll find a better deal for the quality.

The books, articles and letters have been created with years of experience in the credit industry. We've tested these methods through the years and offer the best possible legal techniques to help you improve your credit for less.

We've used credit experts, attorneys and researchers to find the best answers to your problem. We stand behind our educational material. We are proud to say that after selling our material online since 1995, we have less than a 0.001 return rate. People who are truly looking for quality information see the value immediately.

Truthful and accurate information to help you have better credit. Simple!

No ongoing expensive credit repair plans, no upgrade fees, no reoccurring costs, no tricks. Just imple and truthful credit education that you can use.