Fix Your Credit Fast But Use Common Sense

If you're like most of us, you've probably had it up to here with the credit repair business over the Internet. For people who work in the credit industry or personal finance field it's a daily struggle to be productive helping people fix their credit issues among all the credit repair hoopla. Everyone seems to be a credit expert these days. Especially on social media channels. Who knew Twitter had so many financial experts.

Spammer's sure ruin everything. Someone spots a flimsy ebook on Clickbank and suddenly they're a "fix credit fast" expert with a domain name with at least 10 hyphens. probably really does exist.

Everyone either wants a credit magic cure, credit search business or even to jump on the credit repair bandwagon and hope to make a fortune, usually at the potential customer's expense. Fixing your credit is something you shouldn't take lightly and these fly by night credit repair companies hope you will.

Rather than be a victim to any of those credit scams, you're much better off following your gut instincts. It's played out but... If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. This is especially true for credit repair because its so easy to be victimized when you're in a vulnerable spot and "need credit fast" -- as the ads plastered all over the Web tell us. But there is no magic credit repair fix. There is no "amazing software" and there are no experts who all just happen to be ex-employees of the credit bureaus.

Credit Repair Is Possible

Fixing your credit is possible and people do it everyday. What's most important is that you don't take the task lightly and take tim e to do it right. Don't fall for the massive amounts of scams all over the Web. Handle the matter the same way you'd undertake any serious financial decision.

Even better news is that you don't have to accept bad credit and move on wearing your scarlet letter or walk around carrying a sign with your terrible credit score. If it's a problem - whether yours or someone else's,  most of the time it can be corrected. It's really just a matter of simple principles to follow when you go feet first into fixing your credit history. Mistakes are the last thing you need when you're already looking at a lousy credit score so education is paramount.

Doing Credit Repair Right

We're pretty proud of the credit repair kit we offer because we've spent years perfecting it. Even if you don't use our resources, it's a good idea to seek out only legitimate resources like the Federal Trade Commission or your local state's website for free sources in dealing with problem credit.

The most important thread in beginning to fix your credit issues is to conduct a forensic audit of your credit reports. You'll need to examine all three to be sure nothing is overlooked.

Once you've determined what the issues are, you'll start targeting the items one by one. A "throw everything and see if it sticks" method isn't recommended. You need to lay out a plan that you can track and measure. 

When you target each item, look at them individually. Find out what's wrong with that particular tradeline and target from there.